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Research profile: The individual and the question of the core of possibility

The question of the individual is central in the studies of Arthur Engelbert. Starting from the thesisthat actual generated every individual for himself in Western societies appropriated forms, which correspond to the general standard or the normalization and thus systematically excludes the possibility of an individual difference to consciously accept the general state of blindness and schizophrenia:
One, it also has to do with a tendency of increasing form of affirmation of adaptation. In the tradition of modern art, especially the “iconic” difference initiated a distance to the imprinting of what the individual makes individual. This is related with the observation that the possibility to something completely different exists and becomes visible for the individual, which permits him or shows him this.
If the freedom of the individual was linked to that of the aesthetic possibilities, it can be stated that the possibility of the iconic core difference by technical-technological and socio-political forms of the determination of the individual has been superimposed. In his trilogy started a few years ago, beginning with HELP! and the recently completed study on the stairs as a physical and mental instrument, these ideas are central, following the outlined historical turning point in the determination of the individual.
The premise is that the determination of the individual and of the other is towards transferred to a construct of the group, for which the traditional possibility of art is picked up and moved so that a distinctive field is introduced in the thinkable, imaginable and feasible, which should allow a distance between the individual and individual* and of reality and reality*.
Such a field of difference could make visible something in addition to the perfect fit, even when initially manifested in the imperfect sag, stumble or limp, thus making it only indirectly a difference to the dictatorship of the perfect fit visible. The latter is the subject of the third part of the study, which is currently in progress. Flanking the considerations of the consequences in terms of the inflection point of the possibility core there are cross-cultural projects, in which the questions of the difference of the individual are practically tested under the conditions of other cultures and constellations of power for fifteen years. It was recognized on the basis of discourse-oriented cooperation projects that the apparent diversity must endure the confrontation with the simplicity of the actual. For this reason it has been around since about seven years to focus on collaborations with partners from Israel, where themes are formulated together. Intercultural projects are, so to speak, works of removal for the project of possibility core is which covert differences not only visible, but based on its own location of the observation under different conditions will generally comprehensible.